Ulrike Ottinger Masterclass

Aloha. Reality ↔ Fiction

In this masterclass Ulrike Ottinger will discuss the crucial notion of the relation between reality and fiction for her work – a relation that is still valid in its complexity and diversity. It is addressed early on and very prominently in the words of one of her characters, Lady Windermere in “Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia”: “... it's always the first time... things read - the imagination - the confrontation with reality... must imagination shun the encounter with reality, or are they enamoured of each other? Can they form an alliance? Does the encounter transform them? Do they exchange roles? It's always the first time...”

Next to talking about her 12-hours-film “Chamisso’s Shadow” Ulrike Ottinger’s latest short “Aloha” will be in focus: It intercuts takes and outtakes of Murnau’s “Tabu” (1931), takes from Viktor von Plessen’s “Insel der Dämonen“ (1933) with several of Ottinger’s own film works: “The Enchantment of the Blue Sailors“ (1975), “Madame X – An Absolute Ruler“ (1977), “Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellowpress“ (1984). “Aloha” could thus be termed as both fictional and real dialogue between filmmakers and the worlds they invent.

Date - 12th of November, 11 am. 

Please apply for registration to the event before the 9th of November.

Venue - Vilnius Academy of Arts, Design Innovations Centre, Maironio st. 3, Vilnius

Duration - 2 h

Ulrike Ottinger was born in Konstanz, Germany in 1942. She lived in Paris from 1962 to 1968, working as a painter and photographer. In 1966, she wrote her first screenplay, “Die mongolische Doppelschublade”. She founded the Visuell film club in Konstanz in 1969, and headed it until 1972. She moved to Berlin in 1973, and since then, she has made more than twenty films, as well as directing plays and operas. Her films, photography, and paintings have been shown at festivals and exhibitions around the world.