“Scanorama Shortcut” presents a cycle of video seminars available for everyone free of charge

“Scanorama Shortcut” presents a cycle of video seminars available for everyone free of charge

The international workshop and training cycle that took place last summer in Lithuania and Iceland have reached the finish line and announces the final phase of the project – whole material of the trainings, became the cycle of the video seminars, and as of today it is accessible for everyone at the webpage shortcut.scanorama.lt.

“Scanorama Shortcut” has come a long way and today returns into Your horizons to present you the results and say good bye, – says the project organizer Ūla Petkevičiūtė. – All theoretic sessions of the “Scanorama Shortcut” participants were captured on camera. And from the collected material we have prepared the cycle of the video seminars, which was presented in the Lithuanian art incubators in autumn, and as of today, everybody can gather knowledge from it.”

The thirteen video seminar cycle is comprised of the lectures, which will help to delve into the peculiarities of idea generation and development, improve the awareness raising and audience reaching skills, and will also help to search for the inspiration for the future projects. All seminars can be reviewed through the plugin shortcut.scanorama.lt located at the web page of the European film forum “Scanorama” free of charge.

In the summer of 2015 the creative workshops of the “Scanorama Shortcut” proceeded in two phases: in May ten young cinema creators from Lithuania and Iceland gathered knowledge in the Icelandic cities of Sauðárkrókur and Reykjavik, in July – at the Nida art colony in Lithuania. During two weeks the participants of the project with the help of the professionals of their industries, theoretically and practically delved into the cinema distribution and creation secrets, which usually are not included in the programmes of the cinema schools, however they are must for everyone who is looking for a career in the cinema industry.

The cycle of creative workshops “Scanorama Shortcut” is organized by the European film forum “Scanorama” and the Reykjavik International film festival (RIFF). The project is sponsored under the financial mechanisms of the European Economic Area.

More information on “Scanorama Shortcut” can be found at the webpage shortcut.scanorama.lt.