Lithuanian premieres at “Scanorama” are opening theatre doors

Lithuanian premieres at “Scanorama” are opening theatre doors

This year, European Film Forum “Scanorama” will present two new Lithuanian documentaries: “Apie Joną” by Jokūbas Vilius Tūras, and “Deminas: dvi tvirtovės” by Akvilė Gelažiūtė, which is her debut feature length film.

The latest film by Jokūbas Vilius “Apie Joną” is full of exclusive details of the biography of Jonas Vaitkus, a legendary Lithuanian film and theatre director. In this movie, J. Vaitkus openly speaks about creativity and his life: obstacles to creativity, doubts, and sweet victories are all here.

According to J. V. Tūras, it was fairly easy to work with the famous director. In front of the cameras, J. Vaitkus is bold, open and honest. “I admire his endurance, boldness, commitment, and determination. I was certain, that if his family allows us to film his everyday life, we’ll be able to create a compelling narrative about director’s attitude towards human beings, his work methods and worldview in his 70s,” – tells J. V. Trūras, who has spent numerous hours together with J. Vaitkus.

Director J. V. Trūras is well known for the audience of “Scanorama”: a few years ago, the festival screened his documentary “Sapnuoju, kad einu”, which won a Lithuanian “Sidabrinė gervė” award for the best documentary film of the year.

The second Lithuanian premiere, “Deminas: dvi tvirtovės” by Akvilė Gelažiūtė, also opens the doors to the creative everyday life of the theatre people. A. Gelažiūtė’s film is a story about Deminas, a young student of Theatre Pedagogics, who is preparing a short etude, where his 13-year-old brother Patrikas and 15-year-old cousin Robertas take roles. The creative problems, faced by young artists, are depicted by Deminas’ struggle to handle the inexorably approaching premiere and his relatives, who suddenly became actors.

After I heard that my three relatives, Vilnius Poles, are building a play inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”, I visited their rehearsal and, fascinated by this creative process, stayed there for several months. After a while, I realized that actually, we weren’t documenting the process of building a play, but the relationship of those three guys, their blood ties and, most importantly, the tormenting and decisive aspirations of young person,” – A. Gelažiūtė reveals the main aspects, that inspired this documentary.

The premiere of “Deminas: dvi tvirtovės” by A. Gelažiūtė will take place on 10th November at “Scanorama”, and “Apie Joną” by J. V. Tūras will be screened on 12th November.

European Film Forum “Scanorama” will take place on 5-22 November in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.